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In addition to our own collection of handmade sofas and chairs we offer a full bespoke service. This can be a question of taking one of our designs and adjusting it to fit with the client's aesthetic or practical requirements or creating a whole new design.

We take the time to understand the client's requirements in terms of look, feel and use. We then work closely with our furniture maker to come up with the design and comfort that the client requires. We ensure that the client is involved in every stage of the design process.

The process of hand-building our furniture, which is all made in Ireland, uses traditional methods passed down through the generations alongside the best of modern techniques.

Handcrafted Sofas

We begin simply with prime, seasoned Beech or Birch to build the custom-made frames, each is hand-jointed to exacting standards. Next heavy steel coiled springs are tied into wide bands of interwoven jute webbing, this provides balanced weight distribution for maximum comfort.

Each spring is then  laced together to work in unison to provide comfort and strength.

6" springs are then hand stitched to the support bar to unite the front and back springs.  Each spring is then handstitched to that rail, this is to take individual weight and give the ultimate in comfort to the user.  The weight is taken by the springs which cascade down under, bringing you to your optimum sitting height. 

Seat cushions are feather duck, wrapped around an infill of a super soft foam.  The back cushions are 7" feather and duck down. 
The last detail is a final cover in fabric or leather, cut to the correct pattern and hand stitched into position.

As we build each piece from the frame up we can offer a great amount of customisation and special detailing. Our commitment to quality and traditional techniques creates a look and feel individual to Collette Ward Interiors.

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